When Prince Took on Reagan—And Chemtrails

The late Prince will be widely remembered for his myriad musical accomplishments: his songwriting, his showmanship, his stunning guitar proficiency, and that voice.

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Most of his obituary will likely gloss over his confounding potpourri of political views—which were no less idiosyncratic than his flamboyant stage presence and oft-puzzling public persona.

The last high-profile political stand of Prince’s long career occurred last May, in the aftermath of the rioting in Baltimore.

He released a musical tribute to Charm City, titled “Baltimore,” in response to the death of Freddie Gray, and staged a “Rally 4 Peace” concert at Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore.

“As a symbolic message of our shared humanity and love for one another, attendees are invited to wear something gray in tribute to all those recently lost in the violence,” a statement read.

The lyrics read:

Nobody got in nobody’s way
So I guess you could say
It was a good day
At least a little better than the day in Baltimore
Does anybody hear us pray?
For Michael Brown or Freddie Gray
Peace is more than the absence of war
Absence of war.

“Are we gonna see another bloody day?” Prince continued. “We’re tired of cryin’ and people dyin’. Let’s take all the guns away.”

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