Sen. John McCain ads link rival Kelli Ward to ‘chemtrails’ conspiracy theory

After months of largely ignoring his chief Republican primary rival, U.S. Sen. John McCain’s re-election team has launched an online advertising campaign linking former state Sen. Kelli Ward to the “chemtrails” conspiracy theory.

(Article by Dan Nowicki)

McCain, R-Ariz., is attempting to brand Ward as “Chemtrail Kelli” because in 2014 she organized a town-hall meeting — which included the participation of taxpayer-paid state environmental staffers — to discuss community concerns about “chemtrails.” The anti-government conspiracy theory speculates airplanes are spraying, through visible contrails that streak the skies, dangerous chemicals to change the weather or for darker motives.

“Kelli Ward’s decision to host a forum regarding a debunked conspiracy theory using Arizona tax dollars shows her bad judgment,” McCain campaign spokeswoman Lorna Romero said. “The fact is that Kelli Ward has often sided with conspiracy theorists, proving that she is too dangerous for Arizona families.”

So far, the McCain campaign has circulated two videos with the “Chemtrail Kelli” theme on social media and other online platforms. A third is expected to launch after Memorial Day. The more recent video release ties Ward to right-wing conspiracy-pusher Alex Jones, who runs the Infowars website and has hosted Ward on his radio program.

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