NASA Admits to Dosing Americans With Lithium Anti-Psychotic Drugs

A conspiracy theory that emerged online recently and has gone viral on social media claims that a recorded phone conversation between a woman and a NASA scientist first uploaded online in July 2013 proves the conspiracy theory allegation that NASA has been secretly dosing Americans with lithium, a powerful anti-psychotic drug, presumably to make Americans docile, tractable, and amenable to government propaganda and control.

(Article by John Thomas Didymus)

An article by Christina Sarich published on the website AnonHQ on April 19, 2016, titled “NASA Confesses to Dosing Americans with Air-borne Lithium & Other Chemicals,” alleges that NASA has been secretly medicating Americans by spraying lithium in the upper atmosphere. The article also claims it is possible that most NASA employees involved in the decades-old program were not aware of the true nature and purpose of the alleged secret program.

The recorded phone conversation uploaded to YouTube in July 2013 (below) purportedly reveals a NASA scientist admitting that the agency has been involved in a program designed to dose Americans with lithium, which is used to treat people with mania and bipolar disorder, through “chemtrails” sprayed secretly in the upper atmosphere.

The AnonHQ article claims the YouTube audio proves that NASA has been spraying lithium in the upper atmosphere under the pretext of conducting research to understand natural processes in the upper atmosphere. The agency has also been claiming falsely, according to the conspiracy theorist, that lithium is “harmless to the environment.”

While the latest allegations have gone viral as “proof” that the government has been secretly spraying a cocktail of chemicals and biological agents over an unsuspecting populace, skeptics have dismissed the latest claimed “proof,” arguing that it is clear from the transcript of the phone conversation that “Sue” and the NASA scientist were having a parallel conversation.

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