CHEMTRAILS ‘PROOF’: Expert’s video of jet ‘conclusively proves conspiracy IS happening’

Monday, June 27, 2016 by

A STAGGERING video claims to have proved the conspiracy theory that jet planes are deliberately blasting chemicals into our atmosphere.

(Article by Jon Austin)


A manufacturing industry inspector claims to have proved chemtrails are real.

Ray Lynch, an inspector in the manufacturing industry, from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, says a timelapse video he shot from his home proves nano particles are being sprayed into the atmosphere to try to reverse global warming.
At its most bizarre extreme, conspiracy theorists believe that the contrails which form behind jet aircrafts are actually streams of toxic “mind-control” chemicals.They say these toxins dilute before they reach the ground, leaving a gas we breathe in that keeps the general population in check.Read more at:

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